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Spring (March / April)

Your lawn needs more than regular mowing to stay healthy. Make sure your lawn is beautiful throughout the year with comprehensive lawn care services from locally-owned and -operated Zang Lawn Care.

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Late spring and early summer (May / June)

Our spring lawn care program is the perfect way to strengthen your lawn after winter. We provide a balanced, slow-release fertilizer that contains nitrogen and potassium. This granular application includes pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other weeds. Additionally, spring aeration can help reduce compaction and improve the ability of your soil to absorb water, oxygen and fertilizer into the root zone. Liming can also be done now, or at any time the ground is not frozen.

At this time, we continue weed and crabgrass control with a liquid application, designed to target problem areas only, thereby reducing overall pesticide usage. To maintain lawns through the summer, our balanced fertilizer promotes green and healthy turf as well as continued strong growth. Some lawns may receive surface insect control as needed, to prevent damage later in the year.

Summer (July / August)

At this time of year we begin our preventative grub control treatments. Grubs do not damage the lawn until early fall; but this application is timed to prevent later grub activity. Your grass should continue to be healthy as long as it receives one-inch of water per week. If drought conditions have caused dormancy, stop mowing and wait for cooler, wetter conditions.

Late summer (September)

This is the ideal time to undertake over seeding for weak, thin or damaged turf areas. Correct seed selection is crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn. At this time, we will also apply balanced fertilizer to enhance your turf growth. We will continue to treat for weeds and other problems. Core aeration is extremely beneficial in the early fall to facilitate root growth as temperatures begin to cool.

Fall (October / November)

This is the time for a final application of low-nitrogen fertilizer, with a formula designed to promote root growth and sustain your grass over the winter. Any recommended liming should be done before the ground freezes.

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